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Spotlight! Project Wosho

This time I want to call attention to Zack and Vincent over at Project Woshofor their awesome idea baby!   Project Wosho is a tiny house not on wheels, because it isn’t on wheels it deviates from the standard footprint a bit at 12’x12′.  Its super efficient and uses SIP’s panels (structurally insulated panels) for the structure which allows it to be mainly manufactured off site at one location…

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The ACTUAL Minimalist Baby Shower List

The ACTUAL Minimalist Baby Shower List

The minimalist baby shower list:

Green is yes

Red is No

Blue is Maybe

Before Hazel was born I put together what I thought was a very minimalist baby shower list of items I would need.  Now that shes here and she’s nearly two months old I wanted to revisit this list because I have found it to be excessive.

First to talk about what I don’t need/want. I won’t be getting crib, a stroller, a playpen,…

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What is in a Set of Tiny House Plans?

This turned out quite a bit longer than I intended it too, sorry!  I have noticed though that people seem to think that when you buy a set of plans for a tiny house you get ‘a  sheet’ with a floor plan on it, that’s not actually the case.  

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Things I Love About My Tiny House This Month

Things I Love About My Tiny House This Month

There is so much I love about my tiny house, my favorite part seems to change every day but there are a few things I have noticed over time that I just love about this project.  At this moment, in no particular order here is my top 10 list:

1. Endless hot showers in my oversized shower!  Man I love my showers, it was a big priority going into this.  I built an oversized shower at 42″x36″.  I have…

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Tiny Houses as ‘Homeless Housing’ Part II

Tiny Houses as ‘Homeless Housing’ Part II

I originally posted a couple weeks ago expecting a huge uproar on this topic (you can see the post HERE).  My point previously was that this is a complicated issue and I had concerns about making backward progress when trying to legalize tiny houses this way.  Of course I threw in a few [some not well thought out] opinions too.  I heard very little kickback, which surprised me honestly.  Well, it…

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